Blog Post 1: One Day of Web Interactions

Today our assignment for DCI 180 was to log each interaction we have with the web. The first interaction I had today was, unfortunately, my phone’s alarm going off this morning. Following the rude awakening to the sounds of “The 1812 Overture” I browsed through a variety of social media apps including Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. After begrudgingly climbing out of my bed and slowly making my way to the bathroom I used Apple Music to listen to inspirational songs such as Beautiful by Christina Aguilera as I showered. Thankfully I had some time before my first class in the morning and was able to scroll through a multitude of messages mocking my pain and suffering following the Jets’ loss to the Browns the night before. Luckily I was saved by the looming task of walking over to Howe for my daily dose of physics. Throughout the class I accessed the internet to google new terms and information. At the mid class break I again browsed social media on my phone and texted some of my friends. After physics I was done with school for the day and was able to unwind by watching football film on Hudl to prepare for Saturdays game. While watching film I realized that we were going to be wearing alternate uniforms and that I needed to acquire more swag in a desperate attempt to look like I belonged in the NFL. After browsing Amazon I settled on some items and had to call my mother to ask for permission to use her Amazon account. After a nice conversation with her I made my purchase. Following this I took a nice nap. I again used Apple Music, this time listening to some Billy Joel and Elton John. I checked my bank account to see if my mother had forgotten to take back the money I spent on her Amazon account and was NOT surprised when I saw the exact amount I spent removed. After this I walked over to practice where I watched more film, this time with the rest of the team before strapping on my pads and going out on the field. Following practice I again scrolled through social media as I walked back to the dorm room where I began to write this assignment. And so ends my catalog of today’s interaction with the internet! I hope all of you are enjoying the cursor trail!

Pictured: The dope arm sleeve I ordered

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