Blog Post 2: Stalk Your Professors

Elizabeth Teaff: Professor Teaff actively engaged in facebook showing a love of cats and Ohio State. The URL to her facebook includes the tag “spiderchick”  which would also indicate some interest in spiders. I was able to find several records of Professor Teaff’s run ins with the Law including but not limited to a speeding ticket and an expired registration charge which I have included on the timeline. Professor Teaff has also studied at a multitude of institutions all over the East Coast. Professor Teaff owns a house at 22 Maple Ln in addition to some vacant land on the same road. Photos of the house including floor plans can be found online. I would say that Professor Teaff’s has a large amount of information about herself online although none that I could see being leveraged against her or used against her in a negative way.

Mary Abdoney: Professor Abdoney had an active twitter engagement until late 2018, her last post a meme poking fun at Senate Majority Leader McConnell for a seeming lack of sympathy. This in conjunction with a few other tweets lead me to believe that Professor Abdoney holds progressive/liberal social views. Professor Abdoney was also raised and schooled in Florida, attending H.B. Plant Highschool in Tampa, Florida. She then attended University of Florida and University of South Florida. While I hoped to find parking/speeding tickets on Professor Abdoney I was unable to do so in either Florida or Virginia. However I was able to find her house and floor plans at 112 Myers St. I would say that Professor Abdoney has much less information available online than Professor Teaff. I would imagine that Professor Abdoney’s bubble has a lot to do with Libraries and would work to continue to inform her regarding issues faced by other librarians at other colleges.

I would say that this assignment ties in with our reading “Your Digital Footprint Matters” because I was able to find a shockingly large amount of information on both Professor Abdoney and Teaff. While neither of my Professors had anything that would negatively impact my opinion or viewpoint on them it definitely made me think about what I had available online for people to see. As somebody growing up during the rise of social media my life has been tied to the Internet for better or worse. I don’t think that I will end up changing my online habits as a result of this assignment but I have definitley reflected upon my engagement in social media.

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