Blog Post 5

I think a piece of media that would be a good addition to the class would be Smithereens, the second episode of the fifth season of Black Mirror. I loved this episode when I first watched it, and after reviewing it, I have to say I think it stands up to the test of time.  The episode deals with one man’s struggle to speak to the creator of a large social media platform following the death of his fiancee. The man, Chris, blames the app for her death as he was checking the app while driving and caused an accident, which resulted in her death.

I think that this episode fits into the curriculum because it deals not only with the concept of addiction to social media but also the possibility of being kidnapped by an Uber driver. I think that this would fit into the theme of Digital Consumer and prompt an interesting discussion in the classroom. Additionally, there are a multitude of articles discussing car accidents caused by using social media such as Snapchat. I think this is a very contemporary concept as each year students become increasingly dependent and addicted to technology and a discussion about the dangers of using the technology while driving would be beneficial. I think an in class activity that could go along with this reading would be to make the students have a debate regarding whether social media should be designed to be addictive. By forcing students to argue viewpoints they may not agree with, everybody will leave the classroom having gained a new perspective on the topic. I hope that this was helpful and that Smithereens will appear on the syllabus next year!

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